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We are global

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We are global
by Javier Torrejon López - Tuesday, 11 September 2018, 4:35 PM

We are global

QUALICONSULT Formación launches its new line of international courses, both online and face to face, adapted to the updated legislation of each country and to the specific needs of its clients in the European Union.


Online training

In particular, an online three-hour study course focusing on electrical B0 / H0 / H0V rating according to the regulations based on the French work code is taking place in France. In addition, an online one-hour study course aimed at elevator inspectors is being developed, according to current French legislation.

The content of both courses is personalized through periodic validation of the client, who is invited to supervise the production process from the beginning. It uses learning based on the combination of visual, auditory and reading stimuli, which speed up the learning process, increase retention and facilitate the recovery of knowledge.


In addition, this content is structured in independent knowledge pills that can be updated at low cost and in record time. On the other hand, they allow their reuse to be incorporated into different training plans related to the subject.


Final evaluations guarantee that the student has understood and assimilated the basic theoretical concepts that constitute the requested previous preparation for obtaining the corresponding qualification in his company.


Both courses will be taught from 2019 through the QUALICONSULT platform, which allows real-time management of the entire process, from the point of view of student management and calls, institutional communication, student-tutor communication, teaching, monitoring, evaluation, qualifications, certification and reports.


Face-to-face training

GROUPE QUALICONSULT has a team of experts specialized in engineering services in France, who collaborate with QUALICONSULT Formación in Spain to impart their knowledge through face-to-face theoretical and practical training.


Specifically, during the second quarter of 2018, we have held in Spain a course of electrical rating in HO / B2V / BR / BC according to the French regulations. The course has been given in company to a small group of students during two consecutive days. Training has consisted of a theoretical part and practical activities with real-time monitoring, based on the current experience of professionals in this sector.


If you want to know how we can help you improve training in your company in these and other fields of knowledge, our commercial department will be happy to assist you:

Sol AGON | Commercial Director

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