QUALICONSULT platform is based on Moodle 3.4. It has the necessary tools for the integral management of training, which can be selected according to the specific needs of each client:


For face-to-face and blended training, we offer:


•       Management of bonus training,

•       tuition payment system per student,

•       control of pre-registrations and registrations,

•       tools for the management of reservation of classrooms,

•       the assignment of teachers to groups of students,

•       the assignment of groups of students to specific editions of courses,

•       attendance tracking,

•       the follow-up of deliveries of tasks,

•       forums and wikis,

•       messaging and warnings,

•       the follow-up agenda

•       evaluation and assignment of qualifications,

•       Opinion and satisfaction surveys,

•       registration, attendance and course completion reports,

•       additional materials, guides, etc.


For digital training, in addition to the above we offer other services such as:


•       The facial recognition system for the execution of tasks and exams,

•       the virtual classroom

•       specialized learning environments with all kinds of resources, tools and content related to a topic of interest,

•       the incorporation of all types of scorm content,

•       and parameterizable reports.


How can we help you?


From QUALICONSULT, we customize the environment of the platform, offering you a look & feel totally adapted to the parameters of design and corporate image of your company.


We just include the tool blocks that you are going to use, and we develop new requests to get adapted to the type of service you want to receive.


Check the Services section to see our offer related to the platform.


For further information

We invite you to consult with our commercial department to get to know more:

Sol AGON | Commercial Director


Tel: +34 935 76 39 42 | Mobile: +34 660 661 982



Postal address:


Sant Cugat Business Park

Via Augusta 15-25

08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès


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