From QUALICONSULT we offer you the elaboration of customized digital content, as well as the elaboration of additional materials and communication related to training, both for online and digital training.

Production process

Our elaboration process is based on the lean learning system and the design thinking methodology, in order to obtain the best possible result with the resources available for the development and production of contents.


1.    In a first stage, we maintain meetings with the client to understand well their training needs. If necessary, we elaborate a process of detection of training needs through surveys, tests and interviews with the employees who will be receiving the training.


2.    Once these needs have been identified, we create a profesiogram that compares the skills and abilities defined in each job position with the real ones of the people who occupy each position in the company.


3.    Based on these identified needs, we prepare a training plan with the proposed areas, topics, duration and level of knowledge required by profile.


4.    We make a development proposal tailored to the contents identified in the training plan, to adapt them as much as possible to the needs of our customers.


5.    Through the experts (from QUALICONSULT or contributed by the client) we obtain the raw contents and we elaborate the final index of the course, defining its duration, objectives, structure and methodology.


6.    From previous decisions, we elaborate an instructional script with the contents of the course, to be validated by the client.


7.    From this textual script, we generate a course script board so that the client can visualize and validate how each screen will be presented.


8.    The design and audiovisual pieces of the course (videos, infographics, dynamic presentations, 3D scenarios, RV or RA scenarios if applicable) are produced and validated independently by the client.


9.    The course screens are shown in html5 and the pieces produced in it are integrated. The client gives his validation to the final course.


10.  The scorm package is programmed and the content is incorporated into the platform (from QUALICONSULT or the client itself), guaranteeing the support of our technical service throughout the testing process.

What kind of content we produce

From the simplest, based on static html5 screens accompanied by images, to the most complex, as immersive virtual reality scenarios, through animated videos, talking bust videos, infographics, dynamic presentations that require student participation, self-evaluations, evaluations, surveys, etc.


For face-to-face training, we also produce manuals, brochures, diagrams, infographics, presentations, etc. which can be used by the teacher and students in class.


In addition, we take care of the contents related to the communication of the videos: graphic mails, promotional videos, flyers, triptychs, roll-ups, etc.


Our catalog


In addition to the production of tailored content, we have a catalog of courses marketed by students’ licenses, on topics such as industrial safety, process safety, installers, machine operators, occupational risk prevention and other courses.

For further information

We invite you to consult with our commercial department to get to know more:


Sol AGON | Commercial Director


Tel: +34 935 76 39 42 | Mobile: +34 660 661 982



Postal adress:


Sant Cugat Business Park

Via Augusta 15-25

08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès


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