QUALICONSULT training services cover the entire training process and are offered by professionals in the field of psycho-pedagogy, graphic design, layout and multimedia editing, as well as programming and administration of platforms, and a full panel of experts in different areas of knowledge:


  • Consulting: We elaborate a profesiogram based on information extracted from interviews, surveys and tests sent to people who will be receiving the training. This profesiogram comes from the map of competencies of the company, in order to define what are the skills and competencies demanded to each job, and which are the real ones presented by the professionals of the company that occupy these positions.

     In addition, we develop training plans in accordance with the detection of these training needs, in order to provide each         employee with the skills and knowledge they require for continuous improvement in the performance of their professional       duties.

  • Advice (technical and pedagogical): We advise our clients on the contents, methodology, supports and most appropriate tools to provide the identified training. In platform, we recommend the applications that best respond to the needs of our customers.
  • Platform administration: Upload of students to the platform, upload of scorm content, assignment of groups of students to courses, management of pre-registrations and registrations, management of messaging and alarms, preparation of follow-up reports and final reports, preparation of training KPIs, management of certification, support of incidents and student requests.
  • Tutorials / Face-to-face delivery: We offer online tutoring services, through a panel of experts in different subjects, with the following assigned functions: Preparation and dissemination of the course plan, monitoring and communication of students, management of the course agenda, preparation and publication of complementary materials, online tutoring through virtual classrooms, attention to content doubts through messaging and forums and assignment and evaluation of tasks and exams, monitoring reports, grades and final reports. In addition, we have a team of internal teachers who are experts in the preparation of materials and in-person training in the form of a course, conference, workshop or case method, as well as managers who provide the necessary resources (room rental, equipment, distribution of materials, group management, catering ..). These experts are active professionals in the different lines of activity, with an extensive professional trajectory and up to date knowledge. The courses can be taught in Spanish, French or English, depending on the selected theme.

  • Content curation: We create and feed specialized training environments focused on an area of ​​interest, where our team of community managers selects and recommends content, resources and free tools related to a concrete subject: courses, moocs, videos, magazines, blogs, documents, articles, reports, etc. These contents published on the platform are disseminated through newsletters that invite students to visit the learning environment.
  • Student support center: Reactive and proactive service of students follow-up and support: Sending of calls and follow-up messages, reception and attention of calls, support in the access and use of the platform and courses, elaboration of FAQs, elaboration of service reports.
  • 24/7 Support: Technical attention 24/7 for the maintenance of servers and software related to the teletraining platform. Prevention, attention, resolution and reports of registered issues.
  • Communication: We prepare the complete communication plan for your training: Mailings to students and teachers, promotional and sales campaigns in traditional and digital media, development of materials and diffusion and communication services (stand design, roll-ups, flyers, brochures, didactic materials, presentations, information leaflets, articles, press releases, design and management of social networks, newsletters and design and maintenance of websites and training blogs).

For further information

We invite you to consult with our commercial department to get to know more:

Sol AGON | Directora Comercial

Tel: +34 935 76 39 42 | Mobile: +34 660 661 982

Mail: sol.agon@qualiconsult.es


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Sant Cugat Business Park

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